In 2002 our church began planting churches and beginning schools in Sierra Leone, one of the three poorest countries on earth. Our goal was to start churches and schools where there were none available. Today we have four churches and three schools that we oversee and support. All are operated and directed by our Superintendent, Ben Margai, other pastors and leaders from Sierra Leone.

Our schools have over 1000 students. Our school in Lumpa has been named the best private school in the country by the government of Sierra Leone. Our teachers teach a full curriculum and one period of biblical teaching each day. We also feed the primary ages lunch each day and we have installed safe water wells at each site.

Our church is a founding member of West Africa Partners, a group of churches and charities working in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Together we do pastor training, started a seminary for continued education for pastors and leaders, drill safe water wells, help with agricultural education and resources, give small businesses loans, and we are working to help the many children orphaned by the Ebola epidemic. We are making a difference for the people and the future of this small nation.

We try to make an annual missions trip to oversee and encourage the work that is ongoing. People from our church are encouraged to come and see what God is doing through us, and to enjoy the beauty and the people of this part of Africa.
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